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Nature has been an important influence on my music, which is reflected in the images in these videos.

Seasons of New York

CD cover, Amethyst

Solo Piano / This four-movement suite was inspired by locations surrounding New York City's Upper West Side.
1. Summer - reflects the passing of the broad, peaceful Hudson River alongside the City.
2. Autumn - evokes the bursts of color and drama caused by fall colors around Central Park's Great Hill.
3. Winter - adjacent to Great Hill, The Loch is one of the wilder sections of the park, containing a meandering stream and several waterfalls.

4. Spring - celebrates the blossoming of the cherry and crabapple trees in Riverside Park


The work has been recorded by Jai Jeffryes for Naxos. His performance at Arizona State University can be heard on YouTube here, starting at about the 38-minute mark. The fourth movement below is 1.5 minutes.


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Winter Morning by a Lake

frozen lake and forest

String Quartet / The title refers to both the lake near my then home and to the third movement of Schoenberg's Five Pieces for Orchestra Op.16, one movement of which originally carried the title "Farben: Sommermorgen am See"

This performance is by the Cassatt String Quartet (Muneko Otani & Jennifer Leshnower, violins; Sarah Adams, viola; Nicole Johnson, cello)


Duration: 7.5 minutes



Oboe, viola, and harp / This is a gentle pastoral. The recording is by Kurt Studier, oboe, Jeffrey Showell, viola, and Emily Mitchell, harp. Note that there were a few changes made in the score after this performance.

Duration: 5 minutes

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