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Mixed Ensembles and Orchestra

Cronus: a time-romance

sunset on a lake

Flute, French horn, contrabass, and piano / "Cronus" was suggested by a reading of Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain and his musings in that novel on how we perceive the passage of time. A slow outer frame surrounds a fast section that contains hints of jazz.


The sound file (from a performance by Rhonda Cassano, flute, Michael Gast, horn, Richard Bell, contrabass, and Linda Ligate piano) contains all but the final section.

Duration: 10 minutes


Oboe, viola, and harp / This is a gentle pastoral. The recording is by Kurt Studier, oboe, Jeffrey Showell, viola, and Emily Mitchell, harp. Note that there were a few changes made in the score after this performance.

Duration: 5 minutes



astilbes in bloom

Flute, viola, and harp / This is an arrangement of the Pastorale above using flute instead of oboe, in a higher key and slightly edited. The sound file is a MIDI.


Duration: 5 minutes



starry sky

Flute (or alto recorder) and viola / A short, sweet lullaby. It has been beautifully recorded by Takanori Yamane, flute, and Vincent Lionti, viola.

Duration: 3.5 minutes

Concerto for Violoncello

and Orchestra

closeup of a cello

Violoncello solo and orchestra* / The concerto begins with an introduction in which the soloist and orchestra communicate in isolated gestures, which coalesces into a dramatic anacrusis that leads to the first statement of the theme. The movement continues in sonata form, erupting into a brass chorale for the coda. The quiet second movement builds slowly on a single theme and leads directly to the final scherzo movement, which begins with the soloist and timpani alone.

Duration: 20 minutes

*2:2,Ehn:2:2,cbn, 4:2:2:1, 4 perc (marimba, roto toms, side drum, bass drum, cymbals, timpani), hp, pn, strings

Winter Morning by a Lake

frozen lake

Orchestra* / Inspired by the lake near my then home in winter, the shifting instrumental colors reflect the effect of winter on the landscape. This is an arrangement and slight expansion of the similarly titled work for string quartet described under Solo and Chamber Music. It is performed here by the ISO Symphony of the InterSchool Orchestras of New York.

Duration 7 minutes (Note: the recording begins VERY quietly.)



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